Thursday, August 27, 2015


Jerrell Smith's employment as an ABC Enforcement Agent ended with his "voluntary" resignation back on April 22, 2015 and according the the Arkansas State Police they still have an active, and now going into it's six month, investigation concerning Smith. 

As we are unable at this time to obtain information from the Arkansas State Police (ASP) about their investigation of Smith we cannot definitely say what it is centered on. However, based on emails obtained from the ABC we can offer three possible reasons that Smith is being investigated. 

The first reason involves Smith requesting information from the ASP when he was working part time at Dillard's in a security/loss prevention capacity.  Smith apparently contacted the ASP for them to run a criminal history on individuals he detained for shoplifting or some other activity while working at Dillard's. There was some friction between Smith and the ASP about his contacting them to run a records check when he was not acting in the capacity as an ABC Enforcement agent. This was documented in an previous post.

The second reason might have something to do with an email Smith sent Hamlet shortly before he was forced to resign.

Maybe something happened between Smith and one of his undercover minors like he mentioned in the email.

The third reason involves the possible falsification of records concerning compliance checks. ABC Enforcement agents appear to receive a monetary bonus, in addition to their regular salary, when they are involved in a compliance check in which they catch a permit holder selling alcohol to a minor. 

Without regard to why Smith is being investigated, ABC Enforcement agents have indicated that ABC Enforcement Director Boyce Hamlet makes agents he wants to get rid of resign under threats that he will spread information about them that will end their law enforcement career.

Threats like that coming from Hamlet, who was fired for cheating on an exam and lying to investigators when he was employed as an Arkansas State Trooper, and has since then continually lied about his employment history and broken state laws to hide his employment and termination from ASP to obtain employment with various law enforcement agencies is extremely humorous.

It is a classic example of a reaction formation on Hamlet's part. Because Hamlet has uncomfortable and unacceptable feelings about what happened to him at the ASP due to his cheating and lying (a death blow to a law enforcement career) he transforms his uncomfortable and unacceptable feelings into something he can manage, that being the exaggerated ideas and impulses that are diametrically opposed to his own. Hence he wants to make the ABC Enforcement the most elite and respected agency in the state and he takes a holier-than-thou stance with his agents even though he has no right to act that way based on his own past and current behavior.

It is hard to imagine that Hamlet would not simply fire an agent if he had a valid reason to fire them.  When one of the agents voluntarily leaves employment, they are not eligible to claim unemployment benefits.  On the  other hand, if an agent is fired it could affect future their ability to obtain and maintain employment in law enforcement.  A no win situation if you are unfortunate enough to be  one of Hamlet's agent. We posted about how Hamlet has created a hostile work environment in a post on August 4, 2015.

Hamlet is an embarrassment to the Arkansas Law Enforcement Community and he simply lacks the cognitive skills to realize that his web of deceit and dishonesty has been swatted down.  

We wonder if he was honest with his wife, a member of the Arkansas Bar, and told her about his behavior and termination of employment while at the Arkansas State Police and that he has for years has lied and filed false and misleading information on job applications, on forms filed with law enforcement certification agencies.  Surely if he has, as an attorney she would have told him that what he was doing violates Arkansas laws.  If he hasn't told her the truth about this, what else has or is he hiding from her?  According to emails we have obtained, he frequently emails his assistant and tells her he will be in later because he has " a meeting" or that he is "out in the field".   

We have obtained copies of the data dumps regarding the Ashley Madison data breach and are reviewing them to see if they contains Hamlet's name and address. A wise man once said, if you cheat at work, you will cheat at home.