Monday, August 17, 2015


Hamlet's words would be inspiring if we didn't know the truth about him. Hamlet has no integrity whatsoever. The individual that will "tear all this down" is Hamlet himself and it will be his lying about his employment and experience that will be his undoing and that will adversely impact the credibility of ABC Enforcement and its agents.

The ABC Enforcement agents, with Hamlet as an employee of ABC Enforcement, are now required to disclose to criminal defendants (i.e., individuals that they cite for violations) that there may be exculpatory evidence, which includes evidence that could be used to challenge the credibility of a material prosecution witness (Brady v. Maryland (1963) 373 U.S. 83). This applies to ABC Enforcement because as director, Hamlet supervises the agents, directs their activities and can tell them what to put in or not put in their reports.

Individuals in law enforcement that were classmates of Hamlet when he was a trooper recruit are having a big laugh that he was appointed to be the head of ABC Enforcement after the State Police fired him for misconduct. They talk to ABC Enforcement agents about him and just shake their heads and feel sorry for them.

DFA Director Larry Walther needs to do the right thing and terminate Hamlet's employment. The ABC Enforcement agents need to be led by an honest individual that they can respect and look to as an example.  Hamlet’s continuing employment with DFA/ABC damages the reputation of that agency and results in the public questioning the credibility of the DFA/ABC and the DFA Director for appointing him.