Friday, August 7, 2015


An earlier post detailed how ABC Enforcement Director Boyce Hamlet has created a hostile work environment.  Now it appears that an agent in south Arkansas is going to be "let go" and the replacement will be selected based on political ideology - to be selected you better be a card carrying Republican.

Sounds like Hamlet has either Seletia Powell or Trent Vollmer in mind. Even though Hamlet thinks Powell sends rambling emails, we are betting that is Vollmer.

To help out those agents that might not be a true card carrying Republican, we have a gift for them.

Just print out the card and sign it... voilà! - instant card carrying Republican.

We know that Kenneth Coon, Jr. is following in his father's footsteps and unless he really screws up, he is safe even though he says that in the winter he doesn't get much done (see second email below).

Coon also uses his personal email,, for business use (that's why the ABC redacted it in his emails).  We might have to send a Freedom of Information request for that. Wonder why Ken Jr. wanted to meet with Bud outside of the office? Guess he didn't want the agents or staff housed in Little Rock to know he was talking about some them (non-republicans).