Friday, September 2, 2016


Back in May, the Little Rock Fox television affiliate aired a story that featured tainted ABC Enforcement Director Boyce Hamlet.  He was leading his agents on dangerous compliance checks all decked out in bullet resistant vests while they sent kids, not wearing vests, into convenience stores, liquor stores and clubs to try and purchase beer.

The video looks like a low budget comic cop show and Hamlet's performance for the camera would win an Oscar for Best Buffoon.

In a previous post we told you how Hamlet had it in for Pic Pac liquor on 12th Street and he was trying to manufacture a case against them.

Hamlet told a reporter that was riding in his car, "This place needs a visit from us," Hamlet says. "This is it. There's Pic Pac."

The TV news crew followed Hamlet to parking lot near Pic Pac where he grabbed his bullet resistant vest out of his trunk and put in on.

Hamlet gathered his elite squad together for a pep talk before they got into their cars to watch the cooperating minors go into the outlets. "Keep your heads on a swivel," Hamlet tells the crew. "Y'all know what to do."

According to information we have obtained from Freedom of Information requests, no ABC Enforcement agent has ever been injured or killed sitting in their car while a kid went into a store to try and purchase alcoholic beverages.

What do the cooperating minors think when they see the agents putting on the vests and they have nothing to protect them from those dangerous, violent clerks or servers? We suspect that most of them laugh their ass off.

After conducting 1,400 of these dangerous, life threatening compliance checks, eighty-seven percent of those businesses passed. A major crime wave was averted.

The story also mentions that Hamlet only has 18 agents and it is hard for them to do their job.  That made us laugh.  Hamlet told DFA Human Resources that he could not supervise 18 employees (it was too hard for him and he had no experience) so he promoted four agents to supervisory positions and they directly supervise the remaining 14 agents.

Have some fun and watch some real life ABC antics!