Monday, September 26, 2016



Tainted ABC Enforcement Director Boyce Hamlet's constant boasting that he has made ABC Enforcement into the most elite law enforcement agency in the State of Arkansas is apparently wearing thin on the enforcement agents that are growing increasingly tried of his presence at their agency.

How do we know this?  Well, at least four of his fellow employees provide us a steady flow of information about his buffoonery.

One of the strangest is his instance back in April that his agents buy the shirt depicted in the photo above from him to wear when they went to the Arkansas Game and Fish shooting range in Mayflower for firearm qualifications.

Poor ole Boye can't even get the name of his agency right.  He thinks its "Alcohol" Beverage Control when its in fact Alcoholic Beverage Control.

Don't take our word for it, check out the ABC website for confirmation. 

And the fact that he uses an oriental symbol for honor on the shirt is hilarious considering that he has a documented history for being anything but honorable.

Here is a list:

1.  When Hamlet was an Arkansas State Trooper recruit, he was caught cheating on an exam and then lied multiple times to internal investigators.  He was booted out. More often than not, when anyone in law enforcement lies and is dishonest, they have difficulty in obtaining employment as they are commonly known as a Brady Cop.

2.  When Hamlet went to work for the Arkansas Department of Community Corrections ("DCC") as a probation officer, he lied and submitted false documents about his employment history, stating that he worked at UAPB as a police officer during and after the time that he was at the State Police, never listing that he was hired and fired by the Arkansas State Police ("ASP"). Records from UAPB show Hamlet only worked one month for them and only received one paycheck.

3.  When Hamlet moved to Mississippi (to follow his wife who was enrolled in law school there) he lied there as well to hide his hiring and firing from the ASP to two different Mississippi law enforcement agencies.

4.  When Hamlet moved back to Arkansas (his wife graduated law school and got a job in back in Arkansas) and he went to work for Cody Hiland, the Prosecuting Attorney for the 20th Judicial District, he lied and submitted false documents to hide his hiring and firing from the ASP.  Hamlet  lied about his and filed false documents concerning dates of employment at UAPB and at DCC to hide his law enforcement career killing behavior at the ASP.

5.  When this blog uncovered Hamlet's secret, he fought to have his ASP investigation file released.  The file was so damning that Judge Mackie Pierce statedin his findings, in a lawsuit to obtain Hamlet's file,  that Hamlet now heads up a powerful state law enforcement agency and his prior conduct and continued lack of honesty and credibility greatly impacted the ability of that agency to effectively carry out its statuary responsibilities. Judge Pierce also stated that if Hamlet had told the truth about his hiring and firing by the ASP to the other agencies where he had worked, he probably would have never been hired in the first place.

 6.  Hamlet lied and submitted a false document  when he went to work for DFA by stating he owed no taxes and had no liens filed against him.  In fact DFA had filed a lien against Hamlet for  his refused to pay his state income taxes when due.  He only paid them because he could not keep his job if he had unpaid taxes.  

7.  Hamlet failed to file a required Statement of Financial Disclosure within the 30 day period of his appointment as ABC Enforcement Director. The Arkansas Ethics Commission found he violated the law and issued a public letter of caution and fined him. Hamlet attempted to spin the matter as being a technical issue.  Hamlet did that because he has problems with telling the truth.

And those shirts, almost all of the agents didn't want one.