Monday, June 13, 2016


Back in March, Nick and Melissa Stewart of Gainesville, TX decided to spend the weekend in Hot Springs purportedly to celebrate Nick's birthday.

After spending an exciting day in downtown Spa City, they decided to spend the evening the the Arlington for drinks and to take a carriage ride before going to dinner.

At the Arlington, they met a stranger who was also a fellow Texan, named Jim Haynes at the bar. Several rounds of shots were ordered and consumed. In fact Nick was getting sloppy and wife cut back on the drinking so that she could drive them back to their hotel. So much for the carriage ride and dinner.
Well old Nick got shit-faced and stumbled onto a table and knocked the food other guests were eating onto the floor.

Hotel staff then requested that the drunks leave.

The wife guided her husband to the patio and sat him down at one the the tables so she could go to the little girls room.  When she returned 5 minutes later (guess she had to #2) her husband was not at the table. Old Nick had wandered off and bounced down the stars like a slinky.

Nick was laying on the ground all bloody from bouncing down the stairs and a group of passerby's had stopped to help him and call for an ambulance.

Nick is taken to the hospital and is stitched up but was so sloshed he can't remember anything.  J├Ąger and Fireball shots tend to cloud the memory.

In April Nick is pissed that his birthday trip to Spa City cost him a bundle he threatens to sue the hotel and calls the ABC to complain about the hotel bar "over serving" him. His wife provided a statement to the ABC...

Well the ABC is on the hunt for the Arlington with this complaint.  Notice that the wife claims they are not big drinkers, but they knocked back shots for several hours. Hmmm.  She also says she was disappointed that the Arlington over served them and did not call to check on Nick. Quid pro quo for knocking over one of their tables and causing them to replace that guests food and drinks.

The case gets assigned to crack ABC Enforcement agent Trent Vollmer. Vollmer asks for medical records to see what Nick's Blood Alcohol Content was.  Guess what, hospital's give a rats-ass about drunks rolling down stairs after a night of drinking and just patched Nick up and sent him on his way.

When Vollmer let's Nick know there is not much to go on without the hospital documenting his BAC, Nick wants to go after the hospital.

After an intensive month long investigation and consulting with other investigators, Vollmer determines that he has no reason to cite the Arlington and regrettably must close his investigation.


Moral to the story don't drink to excess and behave irresponsibly and expect to use a the ABC to extract revenge.  The agents are led by an incompetent boob and you should not expect much from them.  The good ones are looking for new jobs or were forced to resign.