Tuesday, June 14, 2016


Tainted ABC Enforcement Director was subpoenaed in lawsuit, that had languished on for four years, involving a Freedom of Information request to the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality ("ADEQ") by the publisher of this blog. 

The attorney in that case wanted to use Hamlet to show how FOIA requests made by the publisher were an invasion of privacy.

Who in their right mind would use Hamlet and a witness?

This fool would...


Back in 2008 Almand was going to run against Judge Collins Killgore...

Almand's chances of defeating Judge Kilgore were slim to none so he dropped out.

Back to the trial... On direct examination Hamlet stated that this blog portrayed him as a homosexual and had many posts of a sexual nature.  He cited this photo as proof.  
Blog post that contained this photo

Hamlet stated that this photo depicted him having sex with his boss Larry Walter.

Does Hamlet have a vivid imagination?  Is he projecting a hidden desire?  We believe that he is just plain stupid. And you can't fix stupid.

Hamlet also said that there were photos of him in underwear on the blog (Please provide a link to that photo Boyce).

We did have a post about him and depends.  Remember he is stupid.

Blog post that contained this photo.

Maybe Hamlet has a fetish about bowel movements or has sexual ideations about bowel movementsWe fall back on "you can't fix stupid".

Next Hamlet said that the blog depicted him as a retard and cited this photo as proof. 

 Blog post that contained this photo

All we can say is what the good book says... "Then you will know the truth and the truth will set you free."

Readers and followers of this blog will recall that Hamlet told State Police investigators that he had a mental disorder and got a scholarship to college because of it.  Hamlet also told them he flunked college algebra twice and he had to petition the college to waive the requirement that he pass that class to receive a degree.

Hamlet also claimed we obtained a copy of his actual drivers license and photo-shopped it (on cross examination we asked Hamlet how we would have obtained a photo of his license. He said a FOIA request. This actually made us laugh out loud in courtDrivers License information or a photo of it is not releasable under the Arkansas FOI Act.  Hamlet must be stupid, because he and Bud Roberts both attended a seminar by the Arkansas Attorney General regarding the FOI act).

For the record, this Dumbass License is a 100% creation by us. It's not a doctored photo of his actual license.  Hamlet is a real dumbass and does not have to have a license to prove it.  Ask the folks that work for him.  We hear a lot of stories.  

 Blog post that contained this photo

Hamlet said he was frightened and afraid when a picture was posted with him in cross hairs. 

 Poor Boyce, ignorance is bliss isn't it?

 When this photo was introduced Hamlet proceeded to weep and cry.

 Blog post that contained this photo

Perhaps the reality of the consequences his lying and character flaws will make him a failed individual sunk in.  One thing is certain, Hamlet cries when faced with problems.  He cried when being investigated by the Arkansas State Police when he was caught cheating on an exam and them lying multiple times to state police investigators (see the mention of crying here).

On cross examination we asked Hamlet if his credibility and honesty had ever been called into question.  He said yes and told about his little cheating and lying episode with the state police. 

When we were questioning him about his employment (we could beause it was covered in direct examination) we asked Hamlet about some discrepancies (lies actually) about actual employment dates at certain agencies, Hamlet responded by saying the agencies had provide false information.

Unfortunately we did not get to rip him a new one because after the Plaintiff rested their case we made a motion for a Directed Verdict. The judge granted our motion, and we had no need to put on a defense or argue our case.  Score another victory for seeker's of truth and open records! BTW- when Hamlet was released by the court he strutted out like a pimp (might have picked up that walk at UAPB) and winked at one of the Plaintiff's like he had done them big favor. Remember you can't fix stupid.

We will see Hamlet this Friday at a hearing before the Arkansas Ethics Commission to deal with our complaint that Hamlet violated Arkansas laws.

Stay tuned. 




We have received several emails asking what a directed verdict is. A directed verdict is only used when the evidence for either the plaintiff or defendant in a case is so weak that the law cannot possibly support a finding in favor of that party.  In these cases, the directed verdict is entered in favor of the other party

Directed verdicts are not often granted, no matter whether they originate with the parties or the judge.  This is because a directed verdict is only appropriate when the evidence weighs so heavily in favor of one party, and so lightly in favor of the other, that no reasonable jury could find in favor of the party that has no evidence to support its case.  However, most parties in both civil and criminal cases can at least find a bit of evidence that creates a question as to what actually happened, which means that a reasonable jury could possibly find for either side and therefore must be given the chance to consider the case, unless there is a motion made for a directed verdict and the judge grants it.

The publisher of this blog has received directed verdicts, in his favor,  in two recent cases filed against him.