Saturday, October 3, 2015



Back in 2012 when Boyce Hamlet worked for the Cody Hiland, the Prosecuting Attorney for the 20th Judicial District in Conway, he used resources of that position for his own benefit and gain in violation of Arkansas Code Annotated § 21-8-304.

Hamlet used his official access to restricted computer data to publish information and mugshots of individuals on probation and parole on a Facebook page he created called End the Arkansas Parole Crisis.  The page is critical of the Arkansas Department of Community Correction, the agency that Hamlet lied to about his employment history and hid his firing by the Arkansas State Police to get a job as a probation officer.

By looking at the mugshot photos, you can readily see that they are of a higher quality than that of photos that could be downloaded off the web.  Hamlet had access to Arkansas Crime Information Center data ("ACIC") that includes photos and information about criminal history.
Hamlet tells a KARK reporter that he created a blog and posts stories about issues with probationers.  The interview is being conducted from Hamlet's office with the Prosecuting Attorney in Conway (Faulkner County).  Hamlet is ranting about an incident that occurred in Little Rock (Pulaski County) which is outside the jurisdiction of his office.  Hamlet started the page in 2011, the same year that he went to work for Hiland and maintained control of it until shortly before he was appointed to head ABC Enforcement.

Hamlet was also actively involved in several Republican campaigns while employed for Hiland and we questioned if he had actually taken leave to do so.

Requests were made to Cody Hiland for Hamlet's leave records and information about his internet usage, but Hiland has refused to provide the information or a response.

Hamlet's interview displays his hypocrisy in that he says "it's time for people to start answering for their actions".  Hamlet has not taken responsibility for his actions (lying and cheating when a state trooper recruit and then hiding that fact for 15 years to obtain job in law enforcement that he might not have obtained and had he been truthful).

How much longer will Hamlet embarrass the Department of Finance & Administration and cause the public to question the soundness of his appointment? With a complaint to the Pulaski County Prosecuting Attorney for his violations of A.C.A. § 5-53-103  and a complaint to the Arkansas Ethics Commission for violations of A.C.A. §  21-8-304, we don't expect it to be too much longer.