Sunday, February 26, 2017


Amid all the rumors that tainted ABC Enforcement Director Boyce Hamlet is going to be replaced, two prominent Arkansas legislators sent us separate requests for copies of all documents we have obtained that document the pattern of Hamlet's providing false and misleading information concerning his law enforcement employment/experience and his hiring and firing by the Arkansas State Police.

Readers of this blog are keenly aware that we have documented that Hamlet holds no current Arkansas law enforcement certification (he does not let that get in his way of pretending to be one) and made false statements on job applications to obtain positions that he would not have otherwise obtained had he told the truth.

This is interesting for several reasons:

1.  It supports the rumors that we have reported about his being replaced.

2.  All the information we obtained is public information and is available to any Arkansas citizen simply by requesting it.

Apparently pressure is being exerted to have an actual certified law enforcement officer, with the requisite experience heading ABC Enforcement, especially since they have a role in upcoming  Medical Marijuana  approvale and enforcement processes.

And the two legislators do not want to waste time requesting the information, when they know we already have it.

Having a tainted individual, with significant issues of honesty and credibility heading such an agency poses more problems than it is worth.