Friday, October 21, 2016


In a previous post we elaborated on how tainted ABC Enforcement Director Boyce Hamlet was trying to manufacture a case against Pic-Pac Liquor on 12th Street.

A recently obtained document shows that Hamlet has a hard-on for this permit holder and is ordering his agents to go by the outlet twice a day and look for trash and loiters.


As pointed out in our previous post, Little Rock police say loitering is a problem near 12th Street and Peyton and make the usual excuses about them being too busy dealing with violent crime and not having enough officers.  However, they do have time to send officers to out of town funerals and ceremonies.

"There's a lot of businesses in that area that attract a lot of people," said Officer Richard Hilgeman. Hilgeman says that the department is stretched thin right now, and violent crimes take priority.

“When we have a loitering problem we try to hit that area as much as we can, however loitering is not a higher priority call.

How is the ABC going to determine that the trash in that strip mall was placed there by the owner or employees of Pic-Pac?  Or that individuals standing in the parking lot are not waiting for the bus?

In fact, the photo of the strip mall in this post show a lot of trash in the parking lot, most of it in front of the K-W Food Mart, with almost none in front of Pic-Pac.

In response to a Freedom of information request we made to the ABC for valid complaints about Pic-Pac for the last two years, the ABC could only provide one document for a violation, and it was from an entrapment operation on May 6, 2016 where the ABC violated A.C.A. § 3-3-203 by using minors to try and purchase alcoholic beverages.  

One violation in the last two years certainly makes this a dangerous outlet.   

If the ABC wants to find an outlet being a bad neighbor, they need to stake out the 1836 Club and watch who staggers out; gets behind the wheel; and races off west on Cantrell.