Friday, February 26, 2016



Tainted ABC Enforcement Director Boyce Hamlet ordered his agents to collect patches to send to an individual in Georgia.

Notice that it was sent with "high importance".  It's comforting to know that the ABC has so little to do that they can help a non-taxing paying, out-of-state individual, by using resources paid for by Arkansans.

Hamlet received an email, purportedly from a Carol Davis from Ty Ty, Georgia, asking for a favor for her disabled and severely depressed husband.

At least one agent, Michael Bush was able to drop his regular activities and do a little scrounging around to comply with Hamlet's orders. Bush always has time to do other things besides work.

So we conducted a little investigation into "Carol Davis" of Ty Ty, Tift County, Georgia (located in the south central part of the state). 

Ty Ty is a small town (one flashing light on the highway 82) and according to Sherry Boyette (city clerk and zoning administrator), a 30 year employee of the city of Ty Ty, no one named Carol Davis or anyone using P.O. Box 9, Ty Ty, GA has any utilities from the city (she looked up her name and address while we spoke with her).  Furthermore she did not know of anyone by that name in the area or a Mr. Davis that was disabled, depressed and suffered from agoraphobia.

We then called the Tift County Courthouse and spoke with several offices (Assessor, County Clerk, etc.)  Surprise, surprise, no records for a Carol Davis and no one using P.O. Box 9.  

Since Ty Ty borders Tift and Worth Counties, our next call was to the Worth County Courthouse and the same inquiries were made and the same response was received, no Carol Davis and no P.O. Box 9, Ty Ty, GA  used by any individual.

No voter registration, no tax records, no legal records, no U.S. census records, no phone records. Just a P.O. Box (#9) and an email address (

We did find a similar request made by "Carol" on a facebook page looking for military memorabilia.

Selling police patches and other law enforcement items is a lucrative and profitable business.  We ran a couple of stories about an ABC Director's badge being sold on eBay by an individual formerly employed by and with connections to Governor Hutchinson (here and here).

An crafty scammer will use such a scheme to get foolish individuals, like Hamlet (remember he has a cognitive psychological condition), to send them money or items they can sell on eBay to other collectors. They play on weak minded people by claiming illness or some other "woe is me" factor to play on a simpleton's emotions.  "Carol" did not provide a phone number but she did use a typical scammer trick to throw a mark off, she listed Ty Ty's small population as a distraction.  

Another give away that it is a scammer is the use of an uncommon salutation, "Best wishes and much prosperity to you". Maybe she is a Vulcan.

We attempted to verify the owner of P.O. Box 9, Ty Ty, GA with the Ty Ty post office but could not get a response. The U.S. Post Office in Ty Ty will probably not provide that information to us, but we are using a former law enforcement colleague that lives nearby to use his connections to find out for us and will make an update if we obtain more information.

Hamlet is a poor steward of the tax payers money.  He is an embarrassment to the ABC, the Department of Finance & Administration and the State of Arkansas.