Monday, November 2, 2015


We now know that tainted ABC Enforcement director Boyce Hamlet lied and tried to cover up his firing from the Arkansas State Police for the last 15 years.  Did he come clean with his family?  The answer is no.

Hamlet's wife is an attorney and as such had an obligation to tell him that his problems with honesty and credibility required that he (or his law enforcement employers) disclose that he was a Brady Officer to criminal defendants.  We know that that was not done because we have been contacted by several attorneys wanting to obtain information that would demonstrate Hamlet's lack of credibility and honesty.

Thanks to the interwebs, Hamlet's daughter (as well as future generations) will have all the information they will ever need to know the truth about him and how he tried to get away with lying about it.

Highlights of Hamlet's Lies

Hamlet was fired from the Arkansas State Police for cheating on an exam and subsequently lying multiple to investigators.  Hamlet during questioning admitted that he had cheated they whole time he was a trooper recruit and gave as his excuse that he had a mental condition or defect.  He claimed that this mental condition or defect allowed him to attend college for free. Hamlet attended the University of Arkansas at Monticello and the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff, where he obtained a degree in General Studies.  Hamlet has indicated on employment documents that he has a degree in Criminal Justice, and says he got it from UAM on his LinkedIn page. 

Hamlet provided false information about his employment with the UAPB Department of Public Safety on employment documents.  He only received one paycheck from them from them and they provided us with information that he was only employed and received a paycheck for one month.  Hamlet has indicated on documents that he worked for UAPB for up to two years.
Hamlet never once reported to an employer that he was hired and fired by the Arkansas State Police. Had he done so they probably would have never hired him. No law enforcement agency wants an officer with problems with credibility and honesty. Lying ends a career in law enforcement.

Hamlet indicated on employment documents with the Faulkner County Prosecuting Attorney that he worked for the Department of Community Correction for four years when he actually only worked for DCC for two.  The additional two years provided "cover" for the period of time he was hired and fired by ASP and his subsequent period of unemployment.

Hamlet has submitted false documents (a violation of state law) to the Arkansas Commission on Law Enforcement Standards and Training for over 15 years.

Other misdeeds of Hamlet

Hamlet's only law enforcement certification is that of a probation officer but he has and currently wears an badge and wears a weapon when he has no legal right to do so.

Hamlet has had weapons stolen at least twice from vehicles parked at his residence in Conway.  Let's hope his boss only let him have one bullet for his gun.

Hamlet fanangled an $8,125.00 pay raise after a couple of months on the job as ABC Enforcement Director (his salary went from $65,000.00 to $73,125.00) due to "increased job responsibilities" when he actually created four supervisory agent positions to which he delegated most of his supervisory duties.  The only "increased job responsibility" DFA could document was that he was designated a "fire extinguisher monitor".  Hamlet also does not possess any of the requirements for the position of ABC Enforcement Director.

Hamlet failed to pay back income tax owed for over 10 years (he was forced to pay his unpaid state income taxes when DFA discovered he was a deadbeat when they added him to their payroll system).

Hamlet illegally used resources of his position when employed by Cody Highland to blog about his former employer the Department of Community Correction.

How much longer will the Governor allow his administration to be questioned regarding unqualified appointments?  Why does Larry Walther, director of DFA refuse to answer questions put to him about his appointment of Hamlet?  Perhaps the answers will be forthcoming in pending litigation.