Tuesday, November 10, 2015


Back in 2006, Endsley was a ranking officer with the Bi-State Narcotics Task Force in Texarkana.  He and other officers were sued by a female officer, Kathryn Hillis, in Federal Court.


Hillis, in her complaint alleged that she has been subjected to unwanted and disparate treatment because she was a female. Endsley and the other male task force members had nicknamed her "tits".  Some members refused to work with her because they claimed their wives would be jealous.  Hillis claimed that this created a hostile work environment.  Hillis had also been subject to unwanted sexual advances by a task force member.

Hillis received an undisclosed settlement and the case was dismissed.

After this incident, Hillis  authored a paper on workplace bullying.

Hillis was later on the CBS television reality series, Big Brother. 

It is simply amazing that individuals like Endsley can be in a law enforcement position and be on the public payroll.   

There is also the unanswered question as to why Endsley could not carry a weapon towards the end of his employment at the Texarkana Arkansas Police Department and when he was hired by the ABC (Gov. Beebe directed the ABC to hire him as a favor to the Texarkana Police Chief). 

A policeman that has to turn his gun into the police department because of some mysterious medical/psychological issue is one that needs to lose his certification and look for a job in another less stressful field.  Ever heard of the phrase "going postal"?

The ABC has too many employees that are tainted (like Hamlet) and need to be replaced.