Tuesday, September 29, 2015


According to a reliable source, ABC Enforcement Rickey Carrol Endsley had a medical/psychological issue that prevented him from carrying a weapon when he joined the ABC.  This issue happened when Endsley was employed by the Texarkana Arkansas Police Department and preceded his sudden retirement from that department on September 18, 2010.  Endsley started at the ABC on September 19, 2010.


For some reason the ABC decided that they did not have to follow a state law that requires them to file documents with the Arkansas Commission on Law Enforcement Standards and Training ("CLEST")...

and that form would be a CLEST Form F-1, Initial Employment Report indicating that they had hired Endsley.  Perhaps this was because Endsley was not cleared by his doctor to carry or possess a weapon. If that is the case then Endsley should not have been hired and his continued employment should be questioned, especially if the ABC is going to be the best law enforcement agency in the state as the tainted ABC Enforcement Director has proclaimed.

We reached out to Endsley for a comment and he refused to provide one.

It seems that the ABC either has extremely qualified individuals, any of which could lead the agency based on their knowledge and experience or agents that are so questionable that no other respectable agency would hire them. One can only guess that these sketchy agents got hired through the good ol' boy system or by some shady political connection. 

According to Glenn "GG" Greenwell, the Texarkana Arkansas Police Department ("TAPD") is refusing to release information about Endsley by claiming it is covered by HIPAA .  But TAPD is not a HIPAA covered entity.   Maybe Greenwell is just joking around as he has a good sense of humor as evidenced by the tags he had on his personal vehicle when he was a sergeant.

It appears that the Governor, the Department of Finance and Administration and the ABC cares little about qualifications for employees much less leadership at the ABC. A change is necessary and it is coming.