Saturday, July 18, 2015


According to documents obtained from the Faulkner County Prosecuting Attorney's Office, Boyce Hamlet provided false information regarding his actual dates of employment with the Arkansas Department of Correction to hide his employment and termination from the Arkansas State Police.

In a child like, semi-literate scrawl on his application for employment with the Faulkner County Prosecuting Attorney, Hamlet listed that he began employment with the Arkansas Department of Community Correction in January 2000 and his employment there ended in January 2007.   

According to information obtained from the Arkansas Department of Community Correction (DCC) spokesman Dina Tyler, Hamlet was actually employed there in 2004 through 2007. DCC no longer has his personnel file due to the expiration of the required retention period.

In a post on June 1, 2015, we revealed that Hamlet was employed by the Arkansas State Police (ASP) as a trooper on July 9, 2000 until September 1, 2000 when the ASP fired Hamlet for cheating on an exam and then lying to ASP Special Investigators multiple times. 

It appears that Hamlet was trying to avoid revealing his employment and termination with the ASP because the reason that he was fired affects his integrity and credibility which is essential in a law enforcement officer.

We attempted to obtain copies of his employment applications from the Mississippi Department of Corrections and the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks, but the Mississippi Freedom of Information law does not permit the release of applications of employment.  We were able to speak with representatives of both agencies, who off the record advised us that Hamlet did not provide them with information regarding his employment and termination from the Arkansas State Police.

According to a spokesman with the Mississippi Board on Law Enforcement Officer Standards and Training (BLEOST) if Hamlet had disclosed on his application to be a law enforcement officer in Mississippi of the incident with the ASP that his application would have been rejected for cause.  The BLEOST Professional Certification Policy and Procedures Manual lists the following:

Hamlet received his law enforcement certification after completing a 12 week course when he was employed by the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks. According to the BLESOT spokesman Hamlet performance at the academy could be described as "average" and that "he scored in the bottom half of the class."

According to information obtained from the Department of Finance and Administration, they have no documents that reflect Hamlet was employed or fired by the ASP. Want to guess why?

Another interesting thing about the employment documents of Hamlet's we obtained is that there is conflicting information provided about his employment with UAPB Public Safety on his ASP employment documents and what UAPB documents relate. Hamlet's ASP documents reflect he told ASP he worked at UAPB from Jult 1977 through February 1999. UAPB states he only worked there in 1998 and their payroll records only reflect one paycheck in the amount of $316.00 on December 2, 1998.

There are also discrepancies in Hamlet's college attendance. Hamlet's Linkedin profile has that he attended the University of Arkansas at Monticello from 1991 through 2001 and makes no mention of his attending or graduating from UAPB.
Hamlet's ASP documents only have a high school degree circled on a hand written document and on another computer generated document it states he has a Bachelor of Science degree.

Maybe the degree is real or maybe it is contrived like his employment applications were to hide his employment and termination from ASP.

Hamlet has no integrity and lacks credibility and needs to be removed as the director of ABC Enforcement for obvious reasons.