Tuesday, July 7, 2015


On June 26th we posted a story about the ABC and their treatment of ABC permit applicant Louis A. Sheppard.  We made repeated requests to the ABC and Milton Lueken to obtain information regarding two ABC permit holders that in an administrative hearing in 2013 in which Lueken admitted were not residents (one did not even live in Arkansas) in the location were the ABC had issued them a permit, which is against the law. 

The ABC and Lueken did not want to provide any information to show that they arbitrarily and capriciously apply their rules and regulations.

So after a few more emails and a call to the Governor's office Lueken was forced to send a response to the question we posed - for Lueken to identify the permit holders he referred to in the administrative hearing back. 

This was his response:

Lueken claims that the transcript of the administrative hearing that they filed in a lawsuit filed by Sheppard against the ABC was incorrect.  What Lueken claims he actually said and what is in the transcript is materially and substantially different. We call bullshit.

Lueken knows the identity of these illegal permit holders and does not want to provide them. Instead he want to blame one of the legal support specialists, Karen Blagg, for not being able to type what they heard on a tape recording.  More bullshit. If Lueken could remember specific details about the permit holders it is not unreasonable to assume that he would not have too much difficulty in locating the files if he wanted to.

It's time for the Governor and the head of the DFA, Larry Walther, to clean house at the ABC and get rid of these buffoons.