Friday, June 12, 2015


In an administrative hearing held before the Arkansas Alcoholic Beverage Control Board on February 20, 2013 regarding an application made by Louis A. Sheppard, ABC attorney Milton Lueken stated that he had knowledge of two permit holders that maintained two residences in separate locals, one even being in another state. The hearing was about the Sheppard claiming duel residency.

Charles Singleton, a former ABC director who represented a complainant  stated that those permits needed to be ”looked at”. Singleton knew that Arkansas laws did not allow duel residency, the permit holder has to reside where the permit is issued. Milton would be expected to know that too.

A reasonable person would consider Singleton's utterance that the permit holders referenced by Lueken needed to be "looked at" as a complaint.


On June 9, 2015 we sent a Freedom of Information request to the ABC for the following:

1. The files of the two ABC permit holders referenced by ABC attorney Milton Lueken in statements made before the ABC Board on February 20, 2013 that held permits in locations in which they were not full time residents.

2. The outcome of any investigation or hearing regarding the two ABC permit holders Lueken referred to in the February 20, 2013 hearing.

3. If no investigation was initiated or forthcoming what was the reasoning that no investigation was made. 


     On June 12, 2015, Milton Lueken sent a response to the June 9th FOIA request.

   Lueken said that the FOIA request "lacked sufficient specificity to enable the ABC to locate the record you suggested might exist".

     Either Lueken has an extremely poor memory (there is a  history of substance abuse in his family) or he is hot and bothered about the recent post on this blog about him and is being passive aggressive.  If the records are non-existent then did Lueken lie about the ABC permit holders he said had dual residency? Does Lueken have knowledge of violations of Arkansas law and allow the violators to get way with their illegal actions? This may not end well for DFA/ABC and for Lueken.

    Lueken may not be aware of what happened to Little Rock Metropolitan Housing Alliance Executive Director Rodney Forte when he tried to pull a similar stunt with the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette with a FOIA request they made last year. 

   Maybe it's time for Lueken to resign like Rick Crisman did (hint - leave before they fire you Milt).