Monday, April 27, 2015


Brandye is 34 years old, lives in the Oak Grove area of North Little Rock and has worked at ABC as an Administrative Specialist (a.k.a. secretary) since October 3, 2010. Just a few weeks after starting at ABC,  Brandye was divorced by her husband. But now she is engaged to her baby-to-be daddy. Yep, she has a bun in the oven.

Brandye was born here in Little Rock and went to Mount Saint Mary's (Class of 1999). Back then she was Brandye Faye Tucker.

Brandye likes liquor, scary movies, getting tattoos and growing her own food.

Brandye has a lot of free time at work to post about wanting to drink beer and kill stuff.  

Brandy also like to take selfies and share them.

Let's hope that Brandye is laying off the booze (being knocked up and drinking is not a good idea).

Little known facts about Brandye:

Brandye's nickname is "goober".

Brandye like to paint.

We can't verify this but a source said that Brandye might once have worked at Cajun's Wharf as a server in the bar.