Thursday, April 30, 2015


ABC Director Bud Roberts made an appearance on THV11 and tried to claim credit for a Benton police undercover operation that found four area retailers that sold alcohol to a minor.

The Benton Police Department recently carried out an undercover operation that resulted in the issuance of four citations to Benton area businesses for selling alcohol to a minor.

Two of the violators were Applebee's and RibCrib.  Applebee's claimed that their server misread the ID and that the server was fired.  RibCrib's only comment was that it has happened before. No record of a recent violation was found on the ABC's website.

ABC Director Bud Roberts rushed home to Benton to make an appearance on KTHV.

Bud started off the interview stating that "our legislators make good laws and we should obey them". Funny that Bud only wants to obey some of the Arkansas laws himself.  Bud should practice what he preaches and turn himself in for violating our laws regarding illegal weapons (see post of March 30th).

Bud next made a very profound statement that shows us why Gov. Hutchinson thought he was the best and most qualified person available to head up the ABC,  "I think you would find if you checked with the vast majority of alcohol vendors across the state they have a zero tolerance policy." No shit.  I would expect that all of them would say that. No reasonable person would tell anyone that they sell alcohol to minors. 

The Benton Police Department press release makes no mention of any ABC Enforcement agents involvement. If ABC was involved, why would a report need to be sent to them?

Even Lil Boyce got in on the tv news action.