Monday, June 5, 2017


In February 2016 we detailed a history of problems at Shooters Sports Bar in Texarkana and the failure of the ABC to protect citizens at that sketchy establishment.

Now another individual has filed a lawsuit against Shooters, much like the one we posted about last year.

A man suing an Arkansas nightclub says the establishment did nothing to prevent another patron from attacking him and leaving him unconscious last year.

Rocky Martin Hudson of Texarkana, Texas, said in court filings that he and a friend entered Shooters Sports Bar around 10:45 p.m. July 31, 2016.

At one point, the friend “brushed up against an unknown female patron” who cussed at him and reported him to the bar’s staff, the Texarkana Gazette reported.

That friend was then asked to leave the establishment, according to the newspaper.

Hudson stated that as they later walked out, another customer — Darrell Rutledge — followed them.

Rutledge is accused of attacking Hudson as employees of Shooters stood back and did nothing. Rutledge also reportedly punched and kicked Hudson after he lay unconscious on the concrete.

The suit claims that Rutledge “had been exhibiting loud, obnoxious behavior” and was “clearly visibly intoxicated.” 

The nightclub had created an environment “conducive to violence” and had failed to provide adequate security to prevent such an attack, according to the suit.

Hudson is seeking compensation for medical expenses as well as for lost wages and scarring. 

No doubt the ABC will do nothing as they have in the past.