Monday, April 24, 2017


Last week we sent a request to the ABC for information about complaints and compliance checks concerning the 1836 Club.

This is what we received.

The 1836 club is a members only private club.  You have to be 21 years of age or older to purchase a membership. According their application with the ABC there was to be cigar smoking in the building which would not permit anyone under 21 years of age to enter. 

If a member cooperated with the ABC and let the an ABC Enforcement Agent  use their membership number/card to gain access to the club and the agent took a cooperating individual in with them as a guest to tried and entrap a server or bartender that might get the member kicked out for violating club policies.

Not to mention that the use of an underage individual by the ABC to attempt to or actually purchase an alcoholic beverage is against the law as there are no exceptions for law enforcement in the statue.

Perhaps a member took an ABC Agent and a cooperating individual, perhaps even the members own child, that still could place the member's membership in the club in jeopardy.

Maybe club management gave the ABC a bogus membership using a fake name for compliance operations.  Readers will remember that tainted ABC Enforcement Director wanted to get a SNAP card to use in compliance operations, trying to wriggle investigate powers from the USDA, a federal agency that has no problem conducting its own compliance operations without the assistance of a rag-tag bunch whose leader has issues with honesty and credibility. 

If the ABC was given such a membership by the 1836 Club, don't think for a minute that every employee knows about it and with such a small, elite,  and mostly white membership, club employee practically know all the members and recognize them.

That Good Ole Boy system has it's perks.