Monday, November 14, 2016


Sarah Kyle from Harrison,  who used to work for Federal Express, emailed the ABC a complaint about a minor allegedly drinking in Brick Oven Pizza.

One small thing that she did not tell the ABC was that the alleged minor was a former co-worker that she apparently held some grudge against.

Email attachment - Photo 1
Email attachment - Photo 2

Klye's own Facebook information shows the work connection.

The ABC assigned one of their elite agents to investigate, to little (or no) avail.


Not to leave any stone unturned and Winter had not yet arrived (Coon has stated that he does little work in the winter months), Agent Coon used his "cooperating minor" Gavin Prince to set up an illegal sting operation by breaking the law to try and catch Brick Oven breaking the law. 


 Coon also used Prince in another illegal operation in March when he was a minor.

However, Prince was not a minor as he had gained the age of majority on May 8, 2016.

As we have mentioned in previous posts, under current Arkansas law, the ABC's use of minors and under-aged adults to attempt to purchase or purchase alcoholic beverages is illegal.

There is no exemption in this statue to permit ABC agents or any other law enforcement agency to use a minor or under-aged individual in compliance operations.  Even a Congressional Report points this out.

The ABC issues citations to outlets stating that the outlet sold an alcoholic beverage unknowingly to a minor even though most of the cooperating individuals that they pay to break the law are not in fact minors.

It is only a matter of time before a victim of the ABC's illegal activities fights a citation and uses the information we have provided to overturn that citation in Circuit Court.