Friday, January 29, 2016


Tainted ABC Enforcement Director Boyce Hamlet takes a break from playing solitaire to check email

ABC Enforcement agents that were forced to resign or retire (Chandler, Lynch and Kruse) by deplorable Enforcement Director Boyce Hamlet were able to receive payment for unused annual and sick leave. These payout totaled approximately $22,000.00.

When an individual retires from state employment, and according to the Office of Personnel Management the definition of retirement is "an employee's withdrawal from the service of a public employer, with an annuity payable from funds of the employee's retirement system", the state allows for employees to be paid for unused annual, sick and holiday time earned.

An employee that is fired or quits is paid for accrued and unused annual and holiday time, but when an employee quits or gets fired, they are not entitled to payment for accrued and unused sick leave.

Other ABC employees that left the agency also received payouts:

-Former ABC Administration Director and outed Ashley Madison customer, Michael Langley,  who was not re-appointed received a payout in the amount of $11, 380.68.

-Former ABC Enforcement Director Carl Kirkland who retired to make room for unqualified and tainted Boyce Hamlet received a payout in the amount of $8,218.53.  

-Former ABC Deputy Director and admitted lawbreaker, Rick Crisman, received a payout of $ 6, 331.46. Crisman was given a choice to resign or be fired.

-Former ABC Enforcement Agent and currently a Deputy with the Pulaski County Sheriff's Office, Jerrell Smith received a payout (annual leave only) in the amount of $2,893.02. Smith was fired for accepting a tazer, which is a violation of state laws (Good luck with that Ethics Commission complaint Deputy Smith).

Other ABC employee payouts totaled $3,496,98 (Hickman and Endsley). The total amount of all payouts was $53,927.52.

These unplanned payouts were offset by the ABC hiring new less experienced agents, at a much lower starting salary (under $35k a year).


We were saddened to learn of the passing of former ABC Enforcement Agent Bill Lynch.  Lynch for all practical purposes ran ABC Enforcement prior to the questionable appointment of Boyce Hamlet as director of Enforcement and his forced retirement.  Condolences to Mr. Lynch's family and friends.