Monday, February 8, 2016


A reader sent us an email inquiring as to why the ABC does not target underage drinking on college campuses.  The question could also be asked why doesn't the ABC partner with college police departments or at least provide them with some of the $300,000 from the legally mandated account they must maintain that was created by our legislature to fund such activity?

The answer is actually quite simple... they would be busting a few of their own cooperating minors and they don't want to do that. Not to mention that some caught drinking would be the children of public officials, legislators, judges, etc. In fact one might be the daughter of the current ABC Administrative director once she graduates from high school (based on content of posts she made on social media).

Another reason is money.  The ABC depends on the funds permit fees and fines generates for them.  It's much easier to send a cooperating minor, who is being paid to break the law, into an outlet and entrap one of their permit holders than to actually step out of the role as compliance officers and do real law enforcement work. 

If the ABC worked with college police departments to curb underage college drinking it would probably reduce alcohol possession and consumption on college campuses.  That would result in the alcoholic beverage industry putting political pressure on the ABC to halt those enforcement efforts.

If the ABC spent just once weekend at the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville, the amount of alcoholic beverages confiscated could stock three or four liquor stores. If it was during a football game week, quadruple that.

But the blowback from UAF would decimate the ABC.

Remember it's all about the money and appeasing the good ol' boy system at the ABC.