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Two of tainted ABC Director Boyce Hamlet's elite Enforcement Agents provided false and misleading statements at the December ABC Board meeting in a hearing about a change of location application for a private club license by Billy Pope.

We posted about this hearing on December 18th. Read that post here.

One of the agents. Princess Danzy flat out lied about details that had a direct impact on the application of Bobby Pope for the relocation of a private club permit.

Danzy told the board that she did not disclose the to owner of the store in which she placed the petition or to two individuals that called her that Pope wanted to open a Gentlemen's Club. 

Danzy told ABC board member Mickey Powell that they had no idea it was going to be a Gentlemen's Club.  That was a lie.  Documents obtained in a FOI request last week prove it.

In that hearing ABC Administration Director Roberts stated that he had received a letter from the store owner against the private club so we requested that letter.

This is what we received from Roberts:

We made a visit to the Phillips 66 station.  It wasn't much of an operation and we can't imagine that additional patrons purchasing gas and cigarettes would be an unwanted thing for the store owner.

The email from Agent Danzy to Director Roberts was sent on October 18, 2016.  Two days before Roberts turned down pope's request to move the location of the private club.

The information in Danzy's email directly contradicts her sworn testimony.  Not surprising given that her boss, tainted ABC Enforcement Director Boyce Hamlet has set an example of how lying can be an asset to getting what you want.

Danzy stated that she went out in search of people that objected to Pope's relocating his private club. No doubt she was following orders from Hamlet.

Readers will recall that Hamlet had done this before, the most blatant incident involved the Pic-Pac Liquor Store in Little Rock.  Hamlet sent his minions out to root out complaints when none were being made in a failed attempt to shut down the liquor store.  Read our posts about that here and here.

So Danzy placed a poorly crafted petition in a gas station/convenience store directly across the street from the proposed location for Pope's private club.

Pope wanted to open a Gentlemen's Club at  4634 W. Dixon Road. A predominately industrial area.

There is an older neighborhood north of the proposed site (England Acres), but a hilly, wooded area separates the properties.

Only two individuals with an address in the England Acres addition signed the petition.  One on Keo Drive and the other on Dobby Lane.  

From available public records we were able to determine that there are 91 homes in England Acres. Out of 91 homes, only 2 objected to Popes' private club.  That is 1.82% of the neighborhood. An extremely low number.

Agent Heroman testified under oath that the neighborhood would be adversely impacted by Pope's private club even though he didn't live there and offered no justification for making that statement.

Heroman though that it was important that no one brought up the fact that there was a neighborhood in the area. No one also brought up the fact that there are several industrial plants in the immediate area and two that actually bookend the neighborhood.

Heroman also questioned the authenticity of photographs introduced as evidence that showed a wooded area between the neighborhood and the proposed site.  He claimed that he passed by there nearly everyday that that there were no trees or a wooded area there.

These images (taken in August 2016 by Google) clearly show that there is a heavy wooded buffer between the proposed site and the neighborhood.

In fact, most of that area of the county is rather woody. Readers will remember that Heroman's honesty and character have been called into question in previous posts. Read then here and here.


Pope did remark that a Pulaski County Sheriff's Department substation and the LRPD training academy were less than one mile from the proposed site.

That is the same substation were Agent Danzy went to get information and found out that it was a dry part of the county.  By the way, the Sheriff's Department did not object to the private club, nor did any other governmental agency or entity. 

If ABC employee give false and misleading statements, under oath,  to the ABC Board as they did in this case need to be held accountable.

There are good honest and credible people working at the ABC and they do not like working with liars like this.  They also know that having an unqualified individual heading up the Enforcement part of the agency makes it hard for that agency to gain any respect.

Word is that Hamlet not be at the ABC much longer and a change will be made after the first of the year before the Medical Marijuana dispensary permits are given out.

It can't be soon enough for us and the decent, honest ABC employees. 


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Watch ABC Enforcement Agents romp around in another new episode of Elves Off The Shelf!

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For the most part observing ABC Monthly Board meetings are about as exciting as watching water boil.  However, the December 2016 meeting had some humorous and revealing moments.

ABC chairwoman Janet Moore stole the show when she claimed ignorance as to what went on in a Gentlemen's Club during a hearing on a change of location application made by Billy Pope. 


Readers will recall that Pope had dealings with the ABC Board back in 2015 when he successfully appealed a questionable decision the board made about another relocation effort begun back in 2013. The ABC denied that move and Pope appealed that decision and he won a reversal of that decision on June 13, 2016.

Pope came back and still wanted to change the location, as well as the name and activities of a permit held by Club Hollywood.  His 2nd application was denied by ABC Administration Director Bud Roberts in October 2016.  Pope appealed the Director's Decision and that is what was before the board last Wednesday.

Take a look at Pope's application. He clearly states that he wants to operate a Gentlemen's Club. He even submits a drawing that has a huge double stage smack dab in the middle of the first floor.

We feel safe in saying that just about everyone knows what a Gentlemen's Club is.  In fact the publisher of this blog asked his 84 year old mother, a retired school teacher and former minister's wife, if she knew what a Gentlemen's Club was and she stated it was a place where women danced in the nude or with little clothing on.

If you use one of the only tools available to ABC Enforcement agents, Google, and you type in "Gentlemen's Club", this is what you will find.

Moore, feigning surprise (she was actually pissed that Pope/Morley won the appeal - more on that later) that Pope did not specify that he would have female dancers on the clearly indicated stage, went on a tirade about Pope making a fraudulent application and questioning the term Gentlemen's Club as being descriptive of what was going to go on in the establishment.

Pope's attorney, Stephen Morley undaunted by Moore's act, proceeded to give Moore (also an attorney) a lesson on precedent cases involving the right of individuals to operate such establishments and rebuff her apparent ignorance of what transpires in a Gentlemen's Club.


 Morley was assisted in this task by ABC Board member Thomas "Mickey" Powell. 

Powell, who once served as board chairman and is probably the most experienced and knowledgeable of alcohol related legal cases and policies of any board member, stated that he understood the use and definition of the term Gentlemen's Club. 

Powell stated that in his past he had been a frequent flyer in and out of LAX and that he had seen on the side of a building near the entrance to the airport a sign that  he thought did the best job of describing what a Gentlemen's Club was, it simply said "totally nude".

No doubt Powell had seen the flashing red and orange neon sign flashing "NUDE NUDE" sign at the Century Lounge.

Unfortunately the club bit the dust to make way for a parking lot in 2009 after having an interesting history.

ABC Agent Princess Danzy, no doubt acting on the instructions of tainted ABC Enforcement Director Boyce Hamlet, testified that she sought out individuals that might be in opposition to the Gentlemen's Club and even placed a poorly crafted petition in a nearby convenience store.  


Mr. Powell pointed out to Agent Danzy that according to  ABC vs. Muncrief in  and Stringfellow vs. ABC , the number of signatures received that are in support of or that are in opposition to a permit is immaterial - what may be material is what they have to say.  

Powell also told Danzy that her document was not clear on what the people were objecting to, other than a private club, and that he did note that a good many people had signed it, for whatever it was worth.

Agent Danzey stated that she had to ask the Pulaski County Sheriff's Department if the area was a "wet" or "dry" one.  One would think that the ABC would have maps or records to be able to identify "wet" or "dry" area of the state.  After all they are the agency that grants permits to sell alcoholic beverages.

ABC Administration Director Bud Roberts stated that the 1836 Club had included Gentlemen's Club as a part of their application.  That is a totally unture.

You can review the entire file sent to us by the ABC and search for Gentlemen's Club and you will not find that term. Although we suspect that a lot of hanky panky goes on there and in the parking lot.


Maybe Roberts is confused as the 1836 Club advertises that it is an exclusive, members only club for businessmen and women.


Chairwoman Moore, frustrated that her assertion that Pope had made a fraudulent application had been ridiculed and for the most part dismissed, ranted several times "he just keeps going on", referring to Morley.  

In fact more time was spent discussing what would go on in the "skyroom" on the 2nd floor than what the term Gentlemen's Club entailed.

When the matter was voted on and Pope's appeal was denied (Powell voted to overturn the Director's Decision and the other board members voted to not overturn it), Chairwoman Moore made a second motion spurred on by her hostility towards Morley to vote on the dead issue a second time. A total exercise in futility done only to exert her limited authority. 

Chairwoman Moore's motion supported the use of the sketchy petition (ignoring legal precedents) and claimed that Pope was less than candid with the ABC in his application.   Moore railed some more that Pope should have stated on the application that he would have dancers. And because of that, she did not believe that he was a qualified candidate. Moore moved to uphold the Director's Decision even after the board had just voted to do so. All but Powell voted "aye".

After the hearing, Chairwoman Moore commented to ABC Attorney Mary Robin Casteel, that Morley would be appealing the matter to Fox (referring to Judge Tim Fox) again.

As we pointed out in our posts about the 1836 Club, the ABC Board allowed individuals with a documented history of non-payment of taxes and fees (a barrier to obtaining a permit) and having questionable moral character to obtain a private club permit. 

Pope's application stated what the purpose for his private club was and included a diagram that provided supporting documentation as to the activities. If there were questions regarding the club's purpose, that is what the ABC board meeting are for, to examine and discuss the application and hear testimony from the applicant.

Pope and his attorney provided a through explanation and provided a preponderance of evidence to back up what a Gentlemen's Club atmosphere was and that the use of it in the application was self-explanatory. Board member Powell put the icing on the cake with his personal experience narrative.

If Pope appeals the ABC Board's decision, no doubt his attorney will be able to secure another victory against the board. 


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They're back! Yes, those nimble ABC Enforcement Agents are frolicking to and fro in a new episode of Elves Off The Shelf!

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Thanks to a reader we were able to find an image of Carlton Saffa, another questionable individual that Governor Asa Hutchinson has placed on the public payroll, at the ABC permit drawing on July 20, 2015.

We posted a two part series back in August about Saffa's connection to tainted ABC Enforcement Director Boyce Hamlet and how Saffa's mother-in-law, Lisa Wright made a fraudulent application to the ABC to obtain a permit that she would not have been able to obtain had she truthfully reported that she lived in Little Rock (residence) not in Hot Springs (vacation home).

Click on these links to view our previous posts about the Saffa's and the Wright's shady dealings with the ABC.



POST FROM Bad Government in Arkansas Blog

We have attempted to verify that Saffa took leave to attend the liquor lottery but have not  received a response.  We suspect that he did not and simply conducted personal business on state time. 
The ABC routinely investigates claims that an individual provided false information on an application.  Did they investigate Lisa and Edward Wright after our stories posted in August.  Hell no.

Why?  Because of the connection they have to tainted ABC Enforcement Director Boyce Hamlet.

Not to mention, Hamlet has a soft spot for liars. After all he is a habitual liar himself.


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Have you been getting some notices from Facebook asking if you know Stacy King?  If you have, then you have been Facebook stalked by ABC Enforcement Agent Sharon Reed.

Reed set up the fake profile using her ABC email address.

Reed also uses the alias Sharon Stubbs.

Reed uses the email address for her Private Investigator business.

Reed has used her personal Yahoo email address for ABC business.

Why does Agent Reed need to use an alias?

Why are the ABC Enforcement Agents using their private email addresses for official state business?

Are they using private email addresses to try and bypass FOI requests? We know that since we have been requesting copies of emails of employees, tainted ABC Enforcement Director Boyce Hamlet has instructed his staff to use text messages.

What is Hamlet trying to hide?