Monday, September 28, 2015


A page was missing from the documents that Hamlet and fellow Republican, Leslie Rutledge, did not want anybody to see. 

The missing page has since been located.

The page has Hamlet's admission that after one of the two trips he made to the restroom during an exam, where he discussed test questions and then upon returning to the room, he changed his answers to questions. Hamlet admits to changing an answer about the 17 digit VIN (vehicle identification number).

Hamlet and other troopers in training, were cautioned before each weekly examination that when they were finished with the exam they were to place their paper face down on their desk and to not turn it over until it was to be graded.

In the missing page, Hamlet admits to changing the question about the 17 digit VIN number after returning from the restroom.

As part of the internal investigation Hamlet took a polygraph test.  In that test Hamlet was asked if he changed the answer to the question about the 17 digit VIN number and did he change his answer after returning from the restroom.

Get ready for this... Hamlet answered no to both questions!  Wait, there is more... the polygraph examiner stated that Hamlet was telling the truth.

This is a classic example of why polygraph examinations are not recognized or used as evidence in most courts across the United States. 

How could this have happened. One reason could be that Hamlet is a pathological liar (and there is sufficient evidence to support this assertion) and the other is that he really believes that he did not "cheat" he just changed his answers after leaving the testing room and discussing the test questions with other test takers then going back to change his answers. In Hamlet's delusional mind changing answers is not cheating.  Never mind the fact that according to the testing conditions, you turn your paper over when finished and don't turn it back over until it time for it to be graded.

It's one thing to not follow that rule if you have doubts about an answer after you just turned the paper over, but it is altogether different to leave the room, discuss test questions and answers with others then return to the room and changes answers. That folks is the definition of cheating. And we don't have to solely rely on Hamlet as there were statements made by multiple witnesses that Hamlet changed answers on his test after leaving and returning to the room. Hell, he left the room, came back and changed his answers twice! 
If you read the Arkansas State Police investigation file on Hamlet, it is crystal clear that he cheated on the exam and then he lied multiple times to state police officials and investigators.  His own words were that  he "danced" around with investigators about the truth and admitted that he had changed answers on other tests (cheating) and had not been truthful the whole time he had been hired by the state police.

Hamlet has no business being the head of a state law enforcement agency.  The ABC Enforcement agents working under him have to be embarrassed and ashamed.  Will it take charges being filed against Hamlet for the governor to send him packing?  We will see, we understand a complaint is being filed with the Pulaski County Prosecuting Attorney as you read this.