Monday, April 17, 2017


We posted several stories about the DWI arrest of former state senator Gilbert Baker last year.

According to information in Baker's case file, he drove from Little Rock to Conway plastered from sipping Margaritas and using Meth.

We question at that time if the ABC would investigate and determine which licensed outlet had over served Baker and cite them for violations of ABC rules and Arkansas laws.

The arrest of Circuit Court Judge Bill Pearson in Clarksville back on January 20th for fleeing and DWI is another case that demands an ABC investigation.


Pearson was so drunk he could only mumble and burp and was only able to stand up when held by two individuals. Upon arriving at the Johnson County jail, Pearson pissed himself and puked all over the floor.  

You can read our story about Judge Pearson on our Bad Government in Arkansas Blog:

Surely the ABC would want to know which permitted outlet over served Judge Pearson and which store sold the clearly pickled jurist the six pack of Stella Artois (2 empties and 4 full bottles) that was found in the cab of his pick-up truck by Arkansas State Troopers.  Pearson did not get that drunk drinking just two beers.

Perhaps it is the failed leadership of tainted ABC Enforcement Director Boyce Hamlet that is to blame.  

Hamlet has been plagued with problems since his questionable appointment to the position which he is not qualified to hold was made.

He pissed off several state legislators to the point that they sought to limit certain enforcement powers of ABC Enforcement Agents.

The bill passed and the ABC and Hamlet were saved by Governor Hutchinson who vetoed the bill.

The ABC has a duty and responsibility to investigate these matters and take appropriate actions.


After publication of this story a reader sent us a link to a story published in the Baxter Bulletin.

The story reports that tainted ABC Enforcement Director Boyce Hamlet made "outreach visits"  to  several of the organizations that his ABC Enforcement agents targeted and cited for illegal gambling devices.

The ABC is apparently trying to soothe the unhappy operators, the Bulletin reported.

Hamlet told the organizations that he is willing to personally make the call on whether or not area gaming machines are legal, he said Wednesday.  

Hamlet met with 15 representatives from Twin Lakes Area fraternal organizations and businesses on Wednesday at the Elks Lodge 1714 of Mountain Home.
 ...“If you have a question about a game, if you think it’s iffy and you don’t want the agent to make the determination, call me,” Hamlet said. “I can send a supervisor; I can come out and look at it myself. Now, it may be that I look at some of these machines, and I say you can’t have them. But I will be open and fair about it. I want you guys to be successful.”

 ... “If you’ve been treated unfairly, I apologize,” Hamlet said. “We don’t have an ax to grind with the charitable organizations. We want you guys to be successful and give back lots of money to the community.”
Hamlet has as much credibility as a turd

We bet he didn't tell those folks about his problems with telling the truth.