Monday, October 17, 2016


ABC employee Milinda Brown recently received a written reprimand for having a
messy desk.

We previously posted about tainted ABC Enforcement Director Boyce Hamlet allowing  Brown have time off for personal business with pay which highlighted his hypocrisy.

Hamlet made a proclamation about the ABC needing to "be more efficient and better stewards of the tax payer dollar,"  just before finagling a $8.0000 raise for himself.  

What's funny about the documentation of the verbal reprimand are the numerous grammatical errors by Special Agent Reed and the fact there the ABC and DFA could not provide any documentation to show that the ABC or DFA had any policy  or procedures about an employee keeping their work area clean.

In fact, "keeping their work area clean" in a vague statement.  Without having a definition of what a "clean" work area is makes that a subjective statement.

Reed's grammatically incorrect notice documents her arbitrary and capricious actions towards Brown (more to come this week on Reed's poor writing skills and her use of state resources for her own personal gain). It also goes to prove claims that under Hamlet, the ABC Enforcement section has become a hostile work environment.

Perhaps Brown did something to get on tainted ABC Enforcement Boyce Hamlet's shit list.

What is even more disturbing is the fact that Jake Bleed, the DFA Communications Director, released the document about Brown to us.  Personnel documents like this are not supposed to be released unless they are related to termination of employment.

Bleed also has provided us with documents that listed the Social Security numbers and other personal information regarding ABC employees and vendors.

ABC employees will be receiving an email from us this week with the information sent to us and we will be asking them if they received a notice from Bleed that their personal information was released.