Friday, July 29, 2016


A haggard, beat-down and baggy-eyed Boyce Hamlet took credit during a KTHV-11 report on Wednesday for actions taken by the Russellville Police Department in connection with an arrest they made of a man selling alcoholic beverage out of his garage.

It's not the first time the ABC has tried to take credit for actions of other law enforcement agencies. 

Besides being a cheat and liar, Hamlet can add hypocrite to his resume.

Back in April 2015, Hamlet sent out this email about taking credit for others work...

Boyce is an expert in one thing and that is in being dishonest.
From what ABC administrative staffers tell us (thanks MB for the heads up) if an ABC Enforcement agent just drives by when a local law enforcement agency is making an arrest that in any way involves an alcoholic beverage, even a crumpled up beer can in the bed of a truck, Hamlet writes up a memo and sends it to the governors office and the Director of DFA to claim credit and received some sort of recognition or pat on the back. Can you say insecure?

Hamlet recently told his staff that "the governor likes him" and "he's (Hamlet) not going anywhere", which is a  sure telltale sign that the tainted ABC Enforcement director is under great stress.  Another sign is that he is seldom in the office and no one seems to know where is goes or what he is doing. 

Even ABC Administrative Director Bud Roberts is keeping a safe distance from him and quit having an occasional lunch with him.

Hamlet knows his days at the ABC are numbered and time is running out. It's not a matter of will he get fired, its a question of when.