Monday, July 11, 2016


A 2013 request to move the infamous* Club Hollywood from 4726 Asher Avenue to a remote wooded location at 5719 Penn Loop Road in Hensley was finally resolved in June 2016, when Judge Tim Fox overturned a decision by the ABC Board to deny the club's request to relocate.

Back in March 2013, the club sought to relocate from its long held location on Asher Avenue to a rural location off Woodsen Lateral Road in Pulaski County.


Former ABC Administration Director and outed Ashley Madison dating/cheating website member Michael Langley turned down the club's 2013 request to relocate.

This decision initiated a request for an appeal from long time legal representative Stephen Morley.

The matter was finally heard by the ABC Board on September 16, 2015 and the ABC Board voted to uphold the decision not to permit the club to relocate.

The club filed a Petition for Judicial Review in October 2015 in which they stated the ABC Board made a botched decision on sketchy evidence...

After Judge Tim Fox reviewed the brief's filed by both sides, he made an easy decision.  He overturned the board's decision which permits the clubs relocation.

In the June 2016 ABC Board meeting, the ABC Board made a wise decision not to appeal Judge Fox's decision.

Club Hollywood, like many other outlets that cater to a predominantly non-white clientele, often get a raw deal from the ABC Board.

Congratulations to Club Hollywood for standing up for their rights and not giving up!

* - A man was killed at the club in 2007 when it operated under the name of  The Sandpiper Club.  The club started out as the Malvern Amusement Club in 1968 and has undergone several name changes as well as operating locations since then.