Monday, January 25, 2016


A tip from a blog follower has revealed that tainted ABC Enforcement Director and admitted liar, Boyce Hamlet had yet another vehicle broken into at his Conway residence.

In previous posts (here and here), we related that Hamlet has a habit of being careless with weapons by leaving them in vehicles parked in his driveway. With all the crime that occurs in his neighborhood why would he not park vehicles in his garage or at least make sure weapons are secured and safe?

In another post we related how Hamlet likes to find fault with a former employer, the Arkansas Department of Community Correction ("DCC"). This is one of the many law enforcement agencies in Arkansas and Mississippi which Hamlet hid his hiring and firing from the Arkansas State Police ("ASP").  As we and Judge Mackie Pierce have pointed out, had Hamlet been truthful and honest and disclosed to these law enforcement agencies that he had been fired by the ASP and the reason for which he was fired, he most likely would never have been hired to any job in law enforcement and would certainly not been appointed to his present position.

Perhaps Hamlet himself is a cause of the probation/parole "crisis" he still likes to lookup and post on facebook about. Having a probation officer that cheated, lied and made false swearing on documents is not the kind of person DCC or any other law enforcement agency wants as an employee much less head up a law enforcement agency. And leaving weapons, unsecured, in the reach of individuals that might be on parole or probation is certainly a problem.

Like us, many reasonable individuals cannot understand why Gov. Hutchinson has not removed Hamlet from his position at the ABC.  Perhaps he feels sorry for Hamlet (who has a psychological condition/learning disability). Asa once represented a crooked county judge and got him off with an unusual defense tactic of "illiteracy". Maybe Asa has a fetish for worthless, dishonest, damaged individuals.

Or perhaps Hamlet has something on the governor that he used to get the position and hold onto it.

We might have the answer before too long as we understand some legal action is on the horizon that might shed some light on Hamlet's questionable  appointment or end it.