Sunday, January 8, 2017


Last week we posted a story about Arkansas most elite law enforcement agency (according to tainted ABC Enforcement Director Boyce Hamlet) and their deep interest in a LR gay friendly nightclub, Club Sway.

We finally were able to obtain documents from the ABC under the Arkansas Freedom of Information Act (the only way to get anything from DFA/ABC) and it appears that Club Sway was targeted by a couple of malcontents, or perhaps tainted ABC Enforcement Director Boyce Hamlet, who himself expressed a homophobic attitude when under direct examination as a witness in a Freedom of Information Act suit last year and has directed his agents to fabricate or solicit complaints about other permitted outlets when none have been made. 

That happened in the case of PIC-PAC Liquor and the application for a change of location for a private club by Billy Pope.

Hamlet broke down and cried on the witness stand in that previously mentioned hearing and stated that this photo, which appeared in this post depicted him in a homosexual act. Under cross examination Hamlet admitted that he was a liar and had issues with credibility. 

The file we obtained did not have the August 2016  complaint we posted in our earlier story and but there was one that had been made in October 2016.

An observant reader will notice that this email, as well as the one back in August 2016 was sent to the email address of tainted ABC Enforcement Director Boyce Hamlet and his administrative assistant Milinda Brown.

That is extremely suspicious in that the majority of complaints we have seen made to the ABC went to the ABC Administration email address found on their website on other websites that deal with permits -, not to individual email addresses of ABC personnel.

The ABC webpage has two contact emails listed, for Administration and Enforcement.

So emails sent directly to tainted ABC Enforcement Director Boyce Hamlet and his secretary Milinda Brown are questionable.

This is the information we obtained about the October 2016 complaint and the ABC's investigation.  


The complaint from August 2016 and any investigation as of a result of the complaint was not in the file.  What happened with that and what actions did Hamlet take?  

Did he check out the club for himself as we believe he did?
Don't expect a truthful response from Hamlet anytime soon.

This is the FOI request sent to the ABC.  You will notice that complaints, investigations , citations, fines and suspension information was requested.

There was no record of any violations or fines for selling to underage individuals or any other violation.

That is simply incredible.  The club was granted permission to allow 18 year old individuals to able to be present when food items were added to a menu back in 2014. That seems like it would increase the likelihood  that violations would increase tenfold.

There was a complaint made when the club wanted to relocate to its present location in 2009. We find it amusing that the complainant about the gay friendly club was a company named Dyke.

 It had no effect on the ABC's decision.


Apparently this club needs to get an award from the ABC for being a good neighbor and not having a record of violations for a very long time, if ever.

Don't hold you breath waiting for that to happen either.