Friday, April 29, 2016


We posted yesterday about a Freedom of Information lawsuit that alleges the Prosecuting Attorney for the 20th Judicial District, Cody Hiland, flat out violated the law no less than five time over a six month period.

It will be interesting to see how the judicial system views a prosecutor that deliberately violated an important state law.

A posting on Hiland's webpage from his failed run for a position on the appellate court is ironical and an utter falsehood.  In other words, a lie.

What could be more important to Hiland than a commitment to the rule of law?  His legacy as a prosecutor.  If the truth comes to light that he had a Brady Officer , none other that tainted ABC Enforcement Director Boyce Hamlet, Jr., working cases for him and he failed to disclose that fact to criminal defendants...well a shitstorm would  develop (Brady Violations).

All the cases that Hamlet Jr. had touched could be subject to a likely reversal of a conviction or a new trial.

That is why Hiland is willing to break the law and chance being charged with a crime.  He want's to keep information about Hamlet, Jr. under wraps.

Word is spreading among criminal defense attorneys about this and its only a matter of time before a lawsuit is filed or a federal agency with the initials F.B.I. begins an investigation.  

We are not the first to blog about Hiland not honoring his stated commitment to following the rule of law. The Blue Hog Report gave a detailed report on several violations of rules/laws that Hiland recently committed. Take a look at what Blue Hog Report posted.

Judgement Day is coming for Hamlet.  There is a lawsuit in the works that will rock the Hutchinson Administration and the Department of Finance and Administration.

Tick tock Boyce. Tick Tock.