Monday, December 28, 2015


According to records provided by the Department of Finance and Administration, tainted ABC Enforcement Director Boyce Hamlet does not appear to understand the policies of the State of Arkansas regarding leave requests of state employees. It also appears that he is allowing an employee under his control to take half a day off to take her mother to the bank, while still on the clock, without making that employee file the appropriate required forms. This is a flagrant misuse of the leave system and of public funds.

We made a FOIA request for a copy of Brown's leave form for August 14, 2015 and DFA/ABC responded that there wasn't one.

Not only is this a flagrant misuse of the leave system and of public funds, it's another example of Hamlet making false statements or lying...

Perhaps it's more efficient to let an employee take half the day off and not bother with using annual or compensatory leave and file all that paperwork.  

And that thing about being "better stewards of the tax payer dollar"? Pure bullshit.  This is not an isolated incident of Hamlet's waste of our funds (ABC misuses public funds).

The policy on compensatory time is very clear and easy to understand.

Arkansas State Employee Compensatory Time Policy

All state employee must take leave if they are not going to be at work.  If the employee is sick, they use available sick leave.  If the employee wants to take a vacation or take half a day off to take their mommy to the bank, they use annual leave or accrued compensatory time (if they are allowed to earn comp time). Hamlet's action of just letting his secretary take half a day off without the required paperwork is an abuse of the system. If they have no leave, then they take leave without pay.

This is not the only time Hamlet has played fast and loose and tried to dance around the state's leave procedures.  He was questioned by Max Brantley, editor of the Arkansas Times, if he took leave back on August 26, 2015 when he spent period of time all through the work day on the phone or emailing with Bill Sadler at the Arkansas State Police and trying to get in touch with the Attorney General's Office to stop release of the Arkansas State Police file on his hiring and firing by them in 2000. Hamlet claimed he took leave but could not produce a leave slip on Brantley's request. A few dates later a leave slip was provided, but it appeared to be manufactured after the fact.